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What We Do

DNAchangers create interest and incentive in your organisation to adopt and execute strategic change. We do this through 1) strategic planning with clear goal setting, 2) performance management structure that tracks and rewards progress and 3) a meeting rhythm that supports the right data flowing up and down the chain of command. 

Almost every company has a strategy or a business plan of sorts, however more than 80% of well formulated strategies fail, as a result of poor execution. Here are a few more surprising global statistics:

Only 2% of

leaders are confident that they will achieve

the majority of their strategic objectives

70% of middle

managers and more than 90% of front line

staff have compensation and KPI's not linked

to the strategy


95% of employees

don't understand their company's strategy

DNAchangers can assist your leadership team to create a high quality strategy plan, and (more importantly) enable your organisation to execute the strategic actions you have identified in that plan. We do that by adjusting your organisation's motivations, daily focus and thus behaviour towards your strategy. In essence, we change the organisation's DNA. Given the low percentage of companies who can effectively execute strategic change, this can be a real competitive edge for your business.  


If strategic actions are not executed, then not only does strategy planning become a wasted cost and effort, but it may deny companies the future value of realizing their ambitions. Reality is that a strategy is not implemented by the CEO or management team, but by the employees and we therefor need to get the organisation as a whole to take ownership of the strategy. Companies can create this alignment by setting an ambitious strategy that is well understood, creating a focused high performance culture, setting an effective meeting rhythm and providing appropriate incentives. 


Is your company planning a new strategy roll-out?   

Has your recent strategy roll-out momentum stalled? 

Are you struggling to get focus from management and staff on strategic or change actions? 

Then contact us to see how DNA Change can happen for your business!

Learning from a Legend

John D Rockefeller, the well known business magnate, is commonly believed to be the wealthiest American of all time. Adjusted for inflation, his net worth today would surpass $300B. That’s roughly equal to the combined net worth of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett…times two.


Much has been written about the disciplines and habits that has driven this man to such incredible success more than a 100 years ago. It is not surprising to note that his three key disciplines are today also the main focus of Fortune 500 companies intent on pursuing successful strategy execution. These three disciplines are core to what we do at DNAChangers and they are:(see more detail further below)

  1. Identifying and setting clear change goals

  2. Establishing a performance management system to tell if your goals remain on track

  3. Adapting the organisational meeting rhythm (the heartbeat of the business) to ensure staff remain in sync and the correct information keep flowing



John Davison Rockefeller


Strategy Planning that Deliver Clear Goals

Every business is interested in growth, whether this growth is defined by

size or profitability. Very few companies are fortunate enough to grow

by just being in the right place at the right time. Growth comes from

making deliberate decisions driven by clear strategy.Your business 

may already have a compelling strategy, or maybe it doesn't, but

for successful growth companies require very clear commercial

goals or targets or BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) that will be 

the measure of success.


If you are confident that you have a compelling strategy plan with clear

goals ready to execute, then perhaps you don't need DNAchangers for this step. If not, we can assist with a 12-step strategy process that is tried and tested and also being used by Fortune 500 companies and global consulting firms.

So, contact us.

Black Chess Pieces


Performance Management that Keeps Goals on Track

We've all heard Peter Drucker's quote 'What gets measured gets managed'. Many

companies fail with strategy or transformation by assuming employees will

demonstrate a different behaviour because they were instructed 'to do so',

while management continue to measure and remunerate them on the

same actions and outcomes of the past. An appropriate balanced

scorecard for the company and functional teams, and specific and

dynamic KPI's for individuals are essential to changing the DNA of any

growing organisation. The appropriate combination of quantitative and

qualitative, lead and lag, outcome and process indicators all form part of an

essential high Performance Management system that will support your

organisation's strategy or transformation.


If your not confident that you have a High Performance Culture or your Performance Management System doesn't fully support the change your trying to achieve, contact us

Analyzing the data

Resetting your Meeting Rhythm


Business Meeting

You, your leadership team and your employees spend an enormous amount of

valuable time in meetings and it is critical that these meetings are

driven by the correct frequency, appropriate sequence, have a

focused agenda, have the essential people attending & have

the correct inputs and outputs. Your operating system should

effectively inform  leadership and align employee activity to 

the latest  strategic actions. Anything less than this is a waste of

precious company resources and often is key reason for strategy

execution to fail or drag. We also see that getting this right promotes

cross-functional teamwork, which in turn supports the improvement

of employees' engagement. 

If your are not confident that your company's meeting rhythm is as focused and structured as it could be, contact us. Let's fix the heartbeat of your company together.

For more detail on our

Working Model and Services


 view online 

About Us

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Hennie van Schoor

DNAchangers was founded to share the experience that I have gained  from working for various Fortune 500 and other large corporations like Citibank, Microsoft, Fiat Chrysler, Tesco's and Maersk. These organisations spend millions every year to improve their strategic and operational capabilities. I had the privilege to not read about it in a book, but through my career first hand experience how to organise a company for strategic change. Now I have distilled these Fortune 500 learnings and make it accessible to New Zealand businesses of all sizes.       

I have spent most of the last 25 years in various Managing Director, Senior Director and Director roles in countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Australasia. Though I have had executive roles in leading sales, marketing, corporate, consulting and operational environments, my roles have all had the golden thread of commercial strategy planning, execution and business performance management. I highlight some specifics: 

As Regional Managing Director of the US based Peppers & Rogers Group my team provided international customers in IT, Automotive, FMCG/retail, Financial Services and Oil and Gas with commercial and customer strategies, Customer Relationship Management organisational change, customer value formulas, sales incentive designs and marketing campaigns and automation.


As Senior Director and Global Head of Business Performance for the world's largest shipping giant, Maersk, I was responsible to the CEO for the cascading of the company strategy into a Performance Management System of balanced scorecards with targets for 9,500 employees. This performance structure formed the backbone for the roll-out of a company wide meeting rhythm.  

In 2014 I moved to New Zealand in a Director role for Maersk covering Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands here from Auckland. Core to this role was strategy planning and execution, commercial performance management and roll-out and adherence to a new meeting rhythm.


DNAchangers was established in early 2019.

Since 2008 I have held various board positions in Singapore, Indonesia, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand and I also hold a guest lecturer role at the Executive MBA programme at AUT. 


I hold a Masters Degree in Engineering (Cum Laude) from Kansas State University. I am also trained in Strategy at the International Institute of Management Development (IMD, Switzerland) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG, Denmark).

I am first and foremost a values driven leader and business associate, with varying involvement in local NGO's and charities. I am a registered rugby referee and 'couch coach', I enjoy golf, DIY and criss crossing beautiful Aotearoa on my motorbike. 


How We Work

I am an independent consultant and support to your management team in the areas of strategy planning (commercial, transformation and customer), strategy execution and performance management. Clients engage with me directly at all times, although I may bring expert colleagues in for specific requirements.


For initial discussions there are no fees (assuming no long distance travel). After contracting I will charge a very competitive hourly rate and covering of expenses. I always work with clients to estimate total costs and clear deliverables upfront to ensure that the value makes sense to both parties. As mentioned above I am a values driven individual and would like to work with clients who hold similar values.

How we work
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