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Specialists in Strategy and Organisational Effectiveness  


We help New Zealand companies of all sizes succeed with Strategy or Business Plans through improved Execution and Organisational Effectiveness. We do this using tactics of Fortune 500 corporates.

Are you planning a significant change or has momentum stalled? 

Are you struggling to focus the organisation? 

Are you looking for a better 'management structure' or a more effective organisational 'operating system'?

Your business can see change in 2-3 weeks 

So take the first step and get in touch. Initial consultation is FREE

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Our Philosophy

We improve strategy or change execution by recognising that strategy is not implemented by its CEO or leadership team, but by its employees. We increase the likelihood of clients’ success by getting strategy or business plans into the habits and behaviours of all staff - their ‘DNA’ so to speak. 4 out of 5 businesses globally gets this wrong and fail to implement their change plans. 


Our Difference

  • Global Fortune 500 corporate experience (Citibank, Microsoft, Chrysler Fiat, Maersk) made accessible and applicable to NZ businesses of all sizes

  • The experience comes from first hand learning while employed at or engaged with these corporates - it does not come from a book or a website

  • Flexible engagement addressing our clients' problem areas specifically - we don't force a standard model 

  • High return on your investment and speed compared to big brand advisory services


What Others Say

"Hennie was trusted with a significant transformation programme... He demonstrated very strong strategic vision and a clear ability to lead stakeholders while being able to distill diverse views to a plan that is both comprehensive and executable. He kept tasks on track, showing his ability to follow through on our strategic initiatives."

Vice President, Logistics Company  

"Hennie brought particular strengths in strategic thinking and he was called upon to lead strategic initiatives relating to our business. He also brought deep knowledge and application of performance management and the business scorecard principles. I would feel very confident to recommend Hennie for any companies requiring strategic or transformation vision and execution."

Chief Executive, NZ Trucking Group  

"We got amazing leadership and support from Hennie at a time when our management team felt intimidated by the prospects of implementing our own strategy. He helped us realise that our original strategy already had shortcomings. The change in our operating system (meeting rhythm) had a massive impact on getting things done. Our DNA has truly been changed! "

Managing Director, NZ NGO  

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